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Attention !!!

There are two ways of how to purchase the book online via Amazon. 

1. Those who have visa cards for dollars, you will access amazon through the link you are about to receive and buy and pay and get your book just as you always buy things on line. Since its a e-book , you will download on your computer or phone or ipad.
You can buy a copy for yourself, your organization or friends.

2. If you don’t have a visa card for dollars and you want to buy the book, what you do is let me know who you are: send me your names and your email address. You will pay by mobile money to : +250785325400. I will buy it for you from Amazon using gift card and send it to your email. Hope its clear!?
Kindly send this communication to the social media groups where you sent the information for the launch.
God bless you for your kind support in this great cause.

Pr Paddy