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.Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luk21:36) 

As we follow the global trends for the last more than 3 years you will realize some global events that seem to have a coordination that is not accidental or coincidental. In 2018 the president of North Korea rose from the blue and him & president Trump began to exchange threat against each other! The president of north Korea held the whole world with nuclear threat. The whole world was held in fear of this man because we knew he could do the unthinkable and cause mass destruction globally with nuclear bombs. Any way the world survived that year.

In December 2019 covid-19  emerged from China and for more than two years it has devastated the world, economies of the world were shuttered, lives were lost, churches closed, etc .
As the World was seemingly visualizing a ray of hope of overcoming covid-19 , president Putin stormed Ukraine and by his calculations thought it would be a battle of few days, but the war is escalating again into a global nuclear threat. The consequences of this war have already shaken global economies to the core… Inflation and commodity prices are soring sky high and every citizen on the earth is feeling its pinch on a daily basis when you go to the market or the shop…

The Church of Christ should not take these global trends lightly though. We are supposed to be awake spiritually, prophetically informed of the times we are living in and PRAY!

In times like this the church of Christ, which is the light of the world, should be responding to what is happening in the earth by prayer! In times like this we should be praying , “not our will but let your will be done” as Jesus prayed. In this time the awakened Church should be watching the global trends and event through the light of the prophecy of scriptures and pray strategically for the fulfillment of the plans of heaven on earth.

My humble submission to every blood bought and blood washed son of God is that , ” let us watch and let us”!