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10.For thus says the Lord: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place.
Its one week since my family relocated from Kigali to Bugesera. When i arrived here i felt the inspiration to share some few excerpts about Bugesera transformation journey with someone out there. 
In 2020 the Lord asked me to leave Kigali and relocate my ministry and family to Bugesera/Nyamata. When i stormed in here last week inspiration began to flow in my heart that led to what i have been scribing about Bugesera. 
I am not a prophet but i love the prophetic inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit began to show me the History of Bugesera, piece by piece, and each piece ties in well to form the beautiful picture we see now. 
I got so excited when the Lord showed me how He divinely made me part and parcel of this great history and story.
My grandfather migrated from this land in 1953 and God has relocated to the same land 70 yrs after his departure. He left this land in 1953 and i have come to settle in the same land when i am 53yrs. My father named me after my grandfather’s name ( father of my mother),that is, my grandfather’s name was Patrice ( which is patrick in English). Patrick is Paddy (my name) in short (Scotish)!!! Now you are beginning to know who i am. 
God promised in Jer29:10 that after 70 yrs He would bring Israel back from captivity and he will heal the land and bless them and rebuild them again. 
70yrs are past and my eyes are witnessing healing, returning from captivity, reconstruction, reconciliation, etc. 
My heart is excited for God to send me to this land to participate in the rebuilding of Bugesera after the healing. I am glad that God by grace chose me to be part of the history, part of the healing and now i am here again to be part of the rebuilding. 
I believe God is building a glorious Church in this region that’s going to be light to countless lives. The people who once were in darkness are now going to see great marvelous light.
Watch out for the last episode tomorrow. We will share about the opportunities available in Bugesera. 😀