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19.We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one (1Jn5:19).

John says in this text, ” we know that we are of God“. John was writing to the Church and he included himself also when he said, “we know we are of God...” This means that the Church or all believers in Christ , those who have accepted Christ as their savior, they are of God.

Believers are in the world but they are of God. They are children of God. They are born of God. They are not of the world.

This means a believer is not under the sway or the authority or the power or the control of satan the wicked one and his demons.

Its the unbelievers who are under the sway or the authority or the power of satan and demons. Satan has free access into the lives of unbelievers and he can do anything he wants in their lives because they have not believed in Christ the Savior. Satan and his cohorts in his kingdom of darkness are doing all kinds of evils innimaginable in this world like killings, diseases, divorces, home violences, drunkard ness, drugs etc etc…..he pushes all humanity , all unbelievers anyhow he wants and they cannot resist because they are all under his sway…..the whole world regardless of color or class are under Satan’s sway…

But glory be to God, a believer is of God and therefore satan has no power over him/her. A believer is under the authority of Christ the head of the Church. A believer resist satan and satan flees Jam4:7. A believer has overcome satan who is in the world because the Holy Spirit who lives in us is greater than satan who is in the world.

This means believers are Victorious over all the evils that are in this world. We can walk in victory regardless of color or location because you are of God. We are more than conquerors in this world because we are of God.

Therefore, stop fearing all the evils we are seeing in this generation, stop fearing covid and it’s consequences, stop fearing all the end time catastrophic events in our times, stop fearing all economic upheavals in our time, stop fearing satanism in this world, stop fearing all iniquities in this generation…… because we are of God.

Rather be filled with the Holy Spirit, be led by the Holy Spirit, be controlled by the Holy Spirit. (Eph5:18)!
If unbelievers are full satan and demons, let us be full of the Holy Spirit!

Let us be glad! Let us rejoice! For we are of God and the evilone cannot touch us.