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7.Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ. (Gal4:7) .

Maturity delivers you from slavery into freedom. Maturity graduates you from childishness into sonship. And finally sonship ushers you into God’s Inheritance as His son. Sonship is maturity! 

Children can’t handle inheritance , its sons who have capacity to handle inheritance! Children can’t handle power! Children can’t manage to handle glory! Children can’t handle anointing! Children can’t handle money! Children can’t handle marriage! Children can’t handle success! There’s nothing that children can handle, children are supposed to be handled until they mature into sons to manage to handle staff!

Only sons can handle responsibility! Only sons have capacity to handle power, glory, anointing, wealth, success etc. 

All what the Father in heaven has belongs to us because we are sons, but the Father entrust us with what is ours step by step as we mature up into sonship..

My prayer for you dear child of God is that God will grant you grace to bring you understanding the journey and process of maturing from children into sons of God capable of fully walking in and enjoying God’s Inheritance.

Thanks for following this series about possessing our inheritance. 

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