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And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. (Jer3:15) !

We have scarcity of leaders or shepherds after God’s Heart who know God, fear God, walk with God and obey God. We have scarcity of Christ like leaders, Spirit filled shepherds and word filled shepherds. We have scarcity of Spirit led and visionary shepherds in the Church of Christ today!
We have plenty of shepherds who are leading the Church of Christ without understanding and knowledge… We have plenty of positional, title and theological leaders.

Think about what the Church will be like if it’s lead by shepherds without understanding and knowledge!!! There is a lot of confusion, frustrations, backsliding , stagnation and apostasy in the body of Christ world over because of the lack of shepherds after God’s Heart.

God chose David to lead or shepherd israel because he was a man after God’s Heart. Israel enjoyed victories, prosperity and superiority during David’s leadership!

The world and the Church of Christ is in a sad state because we are being led by shepherds with hearts after power, positions, titles, money etc…

Watch what is happening in the Church of Christ all over the nations.. watch what’s going on in the nations…… All the confusions, wars, injustice, broken homes, iniquities , rebellion are a result of being shepherded by leaders whose hearts are not after God!

If your heart is not after God then your leadership is doomed to fail.

Let us pray that God will raise up God – hearted shepherds for our times!