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Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord (2Pet1:2).

I would like to thank you all who take your time to read these transformational teachings i send you weekly. You may ask yourself, “why does this pastor keep writing and sending these teachings even to the people he does not know“? What motivates him?

I do this because in 2010 God opened my eyes and He showed me that Christian Professionals’ and business people have all kinds of challenges in their workplace and when they come to churches, we pastors are not able to give them the solutions they desperately need. In our churches we have ministries for the youth, women, children, etc but we don’t recognize that we have workers in our churches who also have needs. That’s why there are no departments for Christian workers in our Churches.
God opened my eyes to see that not only don’t we have any ministry in churches to minister to professionals but there are no books written by Christians that talk about the subject of work.

That is why God gave me a vision for empowering christian professionals to become relevant to meeting needs of mankind in a manner that brings glory to God. God inspired me to write a book that talk about work with the Biblical perspective.

When i returned to Rwanda in 2015 i came across team of passionate professionals’ working in various worksplaces and had come together to do the same thing God had told me to do. We decided to work together and since 2016 much has been done.

My prayer is that as we transition into the new year 2022, grace will be multiplied into your life through these teachings and God will cause you to shine in your workplace and become a solution to your generation for God’s glory. May your contribution in your workplace bring multifold impact in exponential way in 2022. May you experience multiplied grace in your workplace, business and carrier.

We wish a merry Christmas and happy new year of 2022. 

Your workplace pastor.