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In Your mercy cut off my enemies, And destroy all those who afflict my soul; For I am Your servant (Ps143:12) 
Eph6:12 defines our enemies, that’s, they are not flesh and blood but invisible spiritual evil beings operating under Satan’s directives and their mission is to steal , to kill and to destroy (Jn10:10).  These enemies have countless schemes used in numberless way to attack the children of God and cause untold pain and sufferings.
Thank God we are not left alone as victims into their hands. God has given us authority over them all (Luk10:19) , and we must not watch or simply succumb and surrender to their evil schemes but we must take our stand against them and pray that God destroy them and destroy all their maneuvers so that we can walk in the freedom which Christ has won for us His death and resurrection and fulfill our mandate on earth.
Let God cut off all arrows of the evilone and give you liberty all around you. Let God send coals of fire from heaven and destroy all satanic and demonic activities against your life, health, work, family, ministry etc. May you soar