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See How Christ is Building His Church

32.This Jesus God has raised up, of which we are all witnesses.

33.Therefore being exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He poured out this which you now see and hear. (Act2:32-33)

When Christ died and rose and ascended to heaven, the first thing He gave to the world was the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is part of every divine agenda and program of God in the world. The Holy Spirit was there at the creation (Gen1:2), the Holy Spirit was part of the birth of Christ (Mtt1:19-20) , the Holy Spirit was part of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world (Luk4:18-19), the Holy Spirit played a in the crucifixion of Jesus (Heb9:14), the Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead (Rom8:11), the Holy Spirit part of the birth of the church as we have seen the text above!

The Holy Spirit from heaven has been part of Christ mission of building His church in this world from the day of Pentecost Jn14:16

– The Holy Spirit is dwelling inside every believer (Jn14:17 , Act2:4)
– We are born again by the Holy Spirit (Jn3:3-6)
– Every believer is led by the Holy Spirit Rom8:14
– It’s the Holy Spirit who teaches and empowers to pray Rom8:26-27
– It’s the Holy Spirit who gives revelation and understanding of God and Christ , Eph1: 15-23. We cannot know God , Christ , who we are in Christ and the things of God by flesh and blood!
– The Holy Spirit reveals to the believers all the things God has freely given to us through Christ. 1Cor2:9-14
– Only the Holy Spirit can give you the assurance that you are a child of God Rom14:16
– It’s the Holy Spirit who teaches us and give us the understanding of the scriptures 1Jn2:20,27
– It’s the Holy Spirit who strengthens our inner man and enables us to live a victorious life in this world Eph3:14-. , Eph6:10
– The Holy Spirit fills us with the heavenly life that gives power to live gloriously and powerfully Eph5:18
– The Holy Spirit enables us to be fruitful ministers of the New Covenant. 2Cor3:5-6
– The Holy Spirit empowers the believer to overcome sin Rom8:13
– The Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead heals our physical bodies Rom8:11

Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit. Amen

Our heavenly Father builds His Church through His Son who died and rose and ascended to heaven, by the power of the Holy Spirit.