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_Where we miss it…_

“He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. (Mtt10:40)

There are two areas where we miss God’s perfect plan for our lives in as far as the church building is concerned.

The first area where christians miss it is when we fail to recognize the ministers God has sent into our lives.

Christ has called and gifted different kinds of ministers in the body of Christ to build and equip us (Eph4:11-16).

We need to recognize , honor , and highly esteem them as the scripture teaches (1Thess5:12-13).

Jesus said that when you receive the minister He has sent to you then you have received Christ , and when you receive Christ then you have received God the Father!! This is awesome!
Be careful how you treat those God has sent into your life.

We are living in a time when many saints in the church of Christ have missed this mark. They disrespect, dishonor and disregard those God has sent into their lives..

Think about it this way , we have vessels we use in our homes like previous glasses. We use them to take water and other beverages. Some are kept for VVIP guests on important occasions. Oh how we treasure this utensils. We keep them clean, protect them from reach of children so that cannot be broken, keep them in costly cupboards etc. Yes they serve us but we handle them with extra care.

It’s sad to note that many ministers of Christ are simply being used by saints but they are ignored and uncared for.

The way your life will come out as a Christian will depend on how you receive those Christ has sent into your life. Receive them well and you will have received God well, and if you receive God well then it shall be well with you.

Don’t miss the mark !

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