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15. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation (Col1:15).

From Genesis to revelation God keep saying , ” i am with you”! Jesus said to His disciples that, ” i am with you always” (Mtt28:20)!

God has been with me always since i accepted Christ in my life. Christ is with you always since you got saved.

God said, ” when you pass through the waters i will be with you(is43:2)!

I just want to tell you dear ones that God is with you regardless of what you are passing through. God was with shadrach and friends in fire, Daniel in the den of lions, Israel through the wilderness, Christ in His earthly ministry, Apostles as they were spreading the Gospel to their world.

God is with you are in those workplace challenges, family challenges, court case, financial struggles, health issues , ministry trials …. God is with you!

God is with you but INVISIBLE!! Our problems lies in here…the God who is always with us is INVISIBLE! That’s why we are not called to live by sight but by faith! If you are seeking sights then you will never find God! He who comes to God must believe that He is (not must see) (Heb11:6)!

The fact that you don’t see God around you does not mean God is absent! He is present with you. He right there by your side.

Know this truth and believe this truth! God is with you! This is the truth that will set you free from all kinds of fears. This is the truth that will cause you to enjoy the peace of God all the time in all situations.

I am aware of God’s presence with me because the Bible says so not because of what i see or what i feel but what i know. God is with me! I know it….i know it ….i know.

Nice weekend with God.  

Pr Paddy

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