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11.And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Rev12:11

Yesterday we learned that God has provided salvation, strength, His kingdom and Christ’s power through the death and resurrection of Christ His Son….

But now how can a believer receive and walk in and enjoy all that God has freely given?
1. By the blood of the lamb. We overcome satan , demons, sin, witchcraft, sickness, temptations, and all evils things from the evil one by the blood of the lamb!! What does it mean to overcome the evil one by the blood of the lamb? Meaning: everytime you face trouble, attacks of the wicked, temptation, sin , sickness , death, lack , depression , fear etc etc you fix your eyes, mind and heart on the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross. God has given us 4 things through the blood of the lamb; Salvation , strength , His kingdom and Christ’s power (Rev12:10)! Therefore when you fix you eyes on the blood of Jesus then salvation , strength, Christ’s power and God’s kingdom will be made available to you and by these things you will overcome everything and works of the evil one!

The blood of Jesus (the preaching of the cross) is foolishness to those who perish but to us who are saved it’s the power of God (1Cor1:18). When a believer turns his eyes away from the cross and look to other things like flesh, self, men , feelings , demons , satan , the world …..he / she begin to perish ! Begin to fall!

The blood of Jesus is the solutions to all human problems, this is the gift God gave to the world! (Jn3:16). Those who ignore and despise the blood of Jesus do it to their own peril! Whenever satan attacks you with sickness, sin , temptations, witchcraft, dear, death, ….confront him using the blood of Jesus! When satan shows you trouble, you also show him the blood of Jesus! When death confronts you , you confront it with the blood of Jesus!!!

We overcome satan and demons by the blood of Jesus!!!!
Don’t be scared by demons , wizards and satan’s vices , simply stand , declare your victory over them by the blood of Jesus. Your faith in blood of Jesus is the key to a Victorious Living in this world!