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Our text: Dan3:1-28  

Good morning dear workplace minister! Today’s text is very long so you will read it by yourself.

The text tells us how King Nebuchadnezzar made an idol and commanded all people to bow and worship it. Because Babylonians were idol worshippers, this wasn’t a strange issue, but for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego this was a big challenge… . Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were working in influential positions in the Babylonian govt so they could not afford to hide in anyway. They were obliged to obey this command of the king or die.

Their lives were in jeopardy because they had a tough decision to make, that is, either to compromise their faith and belief and worship the idol so they can survival or to stand for their belief and risk thier lives and jobs!!!

They chose to loose their Jobs and off course their lives. To them their faith in God was far above Jobs , even Their physical lives. Jesus said that we should not fear him who kill the flesh and has no power over your soul , but you should fear (God) because it’s only God who can send a person to eternal death.

They refused to compromise their faith and ended up in the furnace of fire!! But glory to God… God delivered them from being destroyed by fire. God magnified himself because of their faith and he in return magnified them before men. Those who magnify God before men , God will magnify them before men’s eyes

They are countless challenges in our workplaces which manifest in all kinds of ways. These challenges rise up against us at different times to challenge our Faith in God. Many dear folks have encountered challenges in their workplaces that challenged their own existence because of their faith.. not because of any sin or fault.

Our comfort is that you are not the first one to suffer the way you are suffering, many of our brethren with like faith have faced the same trails but they stood thier ground and refused to succumb to the threats, and God intervened !

Don’t you compromise your faith due to the unfair treatment , discrimination, persecutions and injustices you may be facing in your workplace. Keep your faith in God and his righteousness. Don’t fear losing a job, a position, money etc! Because you can never compare loosing stuff to losing God!

Loosing stuff is loosing nothing but loosing God is loosing everything! If you loose all things and remain with God , then you have lost nothing. If you have God then you can never lack good!