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Hello Friends,

Exciting News

The rel-aunch of my book, “My Work, My Ministry” is going to be available for 99 cents (in US Dollars) starting December 16th.

You will be able to get it on Amazon or through Mobile Money options please message here +250785325400. We will launching the e-book format.
The launch will be tomorrow and the details will be sent to you soon.

My Work, My Ministry gives a biblical perspective on work and breaks traditional ways of wrong thinking that have held us back and hindered us from pursuing and thriving in the work God has called each of us to. God will use your career and profession just as much as he will use the Pastor or the Evangelist. Get this book and receive true revelation and freedom today!

LAST THINGcould you please spread the word about this book? Share on social media or forward it to someone you think could benefit from reading it.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!