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Make Your face shine upon Your servant, And teach me Your statutes (Ps119:135). 

We pray for many things in our lives and the things you pray for reveal your value system. What we pray for show our desires and the things we esteem in life. The things we pray for reveal what our pursuits are.

What do you for in your life on a regular basis?

The psamist prays that God make His face to shine upon him and teach him His word! He knew that walking in God’s light and living a life led by God’s word is the highest form of life to aspire for!

Those who walk in God’s light and are guided by God’s word shall always be outstanding characters in this world. Those who walk in God’s light shall be light in this world (Mtt5:14).  The believers who walk in the light of God’s word shall be like a city built on top of the mountain and Nations will be attracted to their light. God’s light will drive away Satan’s evil darkness around your life.

Pursue God’s light and His word. Nice day.