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3. Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. (Gal4:3) 

Spiritual children are slaves of the elements of this world! Spiritual freedom is a product of spiritual maturity!

What are the elements of this world…. Money , sex, material things (materialism), pride, lust of the eyes, lust the flesh (1Jn2:16-17) . Other elements of this world are fear of life, stress and depression, diseases and sicknesses, curses and bondages, poverty, demonic oppression and failure..

When a believer remains spiritually immature and does not grow up spiritually by being under right spiritual guardians (Gal4:2)  who nurture him spiritually, grow in knowledge of the Son God and what God has freely given to us through the sacrifice of Christ, and grow stronger in faith by practicing the truth of God’s word, he will remain a captive to the worldly elements.

Spiritual freedom demands spiritual maturity, knowledgeability of the word of truth and being strong in faith.

Maturing is your personal responsibility and so is freedom. No man, no Pastor can guarantee your freedom, you alone guarantee your liberty… Judas Iscariot ate from the palm of Jesus but he is languishing in hell till now.

Sadly, many believers wonder why they are never free, peaceful, joyful, ….Many keep moving from one church to another looking for a more anointed prophet or mighty prayer warrior who will pray once and they will get total deliverance. Many have been worn out and have suffered so many things with the so called prophets and prayer warriors who simply preyed on their ignorance and immaturity!

Do you want to walk and enjoy freedom in Christ , grow up in Christ (Col2:6) .

Nice weekend.