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11.If we have sown spiritual things for you, is it a great thing if we reap your material things ? 1Cor9:11

No one is poor in the Church of Christ, only believers are ignorant of what God has deposited in their lives in Christ.

In the Church, God has given material wealth to some Christians because that’s where their purpose us located. God has created and saved them to create wealth for kingdom advancement. He has sent them to work and he has gifted them accordingly. He has also graced them for success in wealth creation.

There are, on the other hand, believers God has endowed with spiritual wealth. God has called them, gifted them and graced them with enormous spiritual riches because their purpose is to serve humanity with spiritual things. They have the vision for changing nations, spreading the gospel to all people. They have passion for Christ and compassion for humanity.

The former have provision but the latter have vision. These two camps need each other. We have so many people in this world who have unspeakable wealth but without vision, yet on the other hand we have so many dear Pastors who have great visions but without provision!
Provision needs vision and vision needs provision.
When vision combine with provision the World will be transformed in a day!!

If God has anointed you to create wealth, then look for a man of God or a ministry that has a heavenly vision and touching countless lives and partner with him. Your fulfilment will come when your money is blessing other lives.

Have you read about this group of wealth women who used to travel with Jesus and thier work was not to try to do what Jesus was doing but provided for the needs of his ministry (Luk8:1-3)…kindly read it!!
Stop working for survival and begin to work for destiny. Making money for eating and drinking is survival but creating wealth for touching and changing lives is the destiny. The power of money is not the car you drive but the lives transformed through your giving. Eating is survival giving is destiny.

Many believers wonder why God does not give them wealth. The reason is that they only have survival vision and not destiny minded. They don’t see the world perishing , they only are themselves. Let the vision bearers and wealth creators cooperate together to transform the world. ūüėĬ†