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Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.(Eph5:14) .

In the natural world three things are related, ie, light- day – soberness or awaken-ness. During the day there is light and before the day dawns and sunrise people wake up to go about their daily errands.
On the contrary, there are also 3 three other things that are related, ie, night-darkness- sleeping, meaning that when the night comes darkness also comes and people sleep at night !

We have the similar phenomena in the Spirit…

The day – the light – spiritual awaken-ness and the spiritual night- darkness and slumber…

The Bible says that Abraham saw the day of Christ and rejoiced in it.. (Jn8:56) . A new Day dawned when Christ came into the world, died and rose and those who are saved should be enjoying the day of Christ!
Secondly, Christ is the Light of the world (Jn8:12) ! Those who are in Christ have been delivered from the Dominion of darkness and the are now in the kingdom of Christ/Light. (Col1:13) !

Lastly, we sons of the light , we are sons of the day ….1Thess5:5  and we to be sober watchful spiritually 1Thess5:6 !

On the contrary, satan and demons are the rulers of darkness of this age Eph6:12 . When satan and wicked spirits releases spiritual darkness upon people or believers , these evil powers once allowed they throw the believers into the state of spiritual slumber and this will be a spiritual night to them ….(Rom13:11-12) . Once the believer is under the spiritual night he/she begin to live and behave and do things like the children of darkness / non believers. (Rom13: 13-14) . Christians who are spiritually asleep live and walk like non believers.

From the above description you can personally examine your self and see if you’re spiritually asleep or awake! And when you find the signs of spiritual slumber in your life , then just know that today is the day for you to awake ….(Rom13:11-12)! Begin to pray that God will awaken you and deliver you out of spiritual slumber!

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