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14. Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.Eph5:14. 

Good morning dear ones! I would like to deliver to you this Rhema word for the hour concerning your personal spiritual life, your family, your local church, the church of Christ in your nation and globally.

Its the message of spiritual Awakening and enlightenment! We here today in the church circles all kinds of movements and efforts seeking for Revival. In kinyarwanda it’s called “ububyutse” (verb: kubyuka) meaning in English Awakening. In Kurundi Revival is ikanguro (verb: gukanguka) still meaning Awakening in English!

Let me submit to you that the right word to me for Revival would be spiritual awakening. We don’t have the word revival in the new testament but we have the words of the family of Awakening… , Awake ..Rom13:11 , Eph5:18 . 1cor15:13 . 1Thess5  alludes to the same principle when it talks about sleeping and being sober and Watchful..

The greatest crisis of the Church of Christ world over in Asia, middle East, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania and every church leader and every believer today is spiritual slumber!

God’s will and plan is that the Church should be spiritually sober, watchful, alert, discerning, understanding and spiritually enlightened , brightly shining as light in this world (Mtt5:14-16) , but sadly the Church of Christ partly or greatly has ended up into the state of spiritual slumber!

Spiritual slumber is the state in which a believer is spiritually asleep , which means, many of his spiritual senses or areas are not functioning the way they ought to. For instance, when a person is asleep physically , his eyes don’t see, his ears are not hearing, he can’t even walk leave alone standing, etc.

Even so in the spirit, when a believer is spiritually asleep his spiritual eyes cannot see, his Spiritual ears cannot hear, his spiritual heart or mind cannot understand.
A believer who is spiritually asleep cannot see God , cannot sense God, cannot feel the presence of God , cannot be aware of the presence of God, cannot understand when God is speaking, cannot understand spiritual realities, he is not aware of spiritual realities of the kingdom of heaven, cannot understand the scripture, cannot know the things of heaven.. because his spiritual senses are there but they are in the State of sleeping and they are not functioning!

This is where many believers are at spiritually. Churches are being led by Church leaders who are completely asleep, Churches are full of believers who are deeply spiritually asleep, Christian families are swimming in deep sleep…. Things are happening around us from both God’s kingdom or Satan’s kingdom but we are not aware of them at all !

Many Christians walk all their Christian life on earth asleep, only to wake the day they die when they leave their bodies.

Spiritual slumber has robbed many Christians of all spiritual blessings that God has freely given to them through Christ! Spiritual slumber has denied many Christians of their heavenly destiny and calling and many are roaming in life purposelessly!

Oooh Lord awaken us today before we depart from these bodies so that our lives may be lived purposefully , joyfully and that we may walk in the fullness of God through Christ! Amen. 

Watch out for the next episode.