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Shaking for Awakening (Eph5:14) .
Are you asking yourself, “why are these things happening in the world?” 🙄 .., ‘What in the world is happening before our eyes?…’ Where are we heading with all the mess happening in the world?” You remember North nuclear threats in 2018, then covid-19 and now Russia – Ukraine war?

Firstly, Jesus said in Mtt13:24-28, 36-43  that a man sowed good seeds but when the servants slept the enemy came and sowed weeds in his field. Jesus interpreted this parable saying that the sower is Christ (the Son of man) and the good seeds are the children of the kingdom (church)! What about the servants who slept? Church leaders are the seravmts of christ.

The church is meant to be the light of the world, nations, communities etc. When the pastors (servants of Christ) sleep spiritually satan (the ruler of darkness) comes in and cause all kinds evils and wickedness , troubles and wars and pain unspakable in our nations and communities, even in the Church.

When the church sleep spiritually , then satan and darkness reigns and when darkness is given space to operate then we should not be surprised to see what we are seeing with our eyes now in the world.

The church was born in power and even in its infancy stage we have these words about her, ” And there was great joy in that city” (Act8;8) … Philip went to samaria and his ministry brought great joy to samaria. Again, ” these who have turned the wolrd upside down have come here too” (Act17:6).  The early church turned the world upside down. An awakened church turns the world , nations and cities around. In other words, when the church is awake the world becomes better, communities turns from worse to best,.
But when the church is asleep the world becomes a worst place to live in and thats what we are witnessing.

The solution is that Christ will shake His church to be awakened. What we have been seeing from 2018 when the president of north spent the whole year threatening to destory the world with nuclear weapons, then covid-19 and now in 2022 we have Russia- Ukraine war.

All these serve to prove how asleep the church is and we need a great spiritual awakening. Its time to pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken us...