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28.For the kingdom is the Lord’s, And He rules over the nations.

While the whole world is still grappling with Covid- 19 pandemic with all its consequences, another global storm has emerged! Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a direct provocation to the west! And make no mistake Russia is doing this Knowing that they have the support of a number of nations you all i assume you know!

We are seeing an evil drama unfolding before our eyes which has potential to escalate into a global conflict with of course its far reaching consequences.

Watching how Russia and China have been rising up in power and comparing the prophesies about these two countries in the Bible by Daniel and Ezekiel and considering the time factor , the world stage seems to be set for the end time drama.

What we are watching today is an Awakening Call to the body of Christ to awake, arise and pray!

Lets pray that God will manifest His kingdom and mighty hand in the midst of these global turmoils and rule among the nations of the earth! Let God’s will be done in this hour in the Earth! Let’s pray dear saints and God will act through prayer for His glory!